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The brief articles that follow, summarise one of the main purposes of the information provided here. Before continuing along the lines of the title above, some background is provided in the article below, for your initial consideration:


by Frederick Mann (edited & abridged by David T. Freeman)

Robert S. de Ropp, student of G.I. Gurdjieff and author of The Master Game and Warrior's Way, also wrote a book called Self-Completion, from which I quote:

"In their incompleted state human beings thought they were awake when they were really moving about in a state of hypnotized sleep. They thought they had will but they had no real will. They thought they were free but they were really slaves. They thought they had something called "I" but they had no real I, only a multitude of petty selves with different desires and different aims.

In their state of "waking sleep" humans voyaged from birth to death aboard a ship of fools. The captain was asleep, the steersman was drunk and the navigator had forgotten the aim of the voyage. Any fool on board could push the steersman aside and try to steer the ship. The great human agglomerates that called themselves nations were just as much at the mercy of the fools in their midst as were individual men and women. The technological Titanic, modern society, was proceeding full speed ahead into the fog, but there was no one in control. Under these circumstances it would not be surprising if the vessel hit a rock or an iceberg. The surprising thing was that it stayed afloat at all."

One of the differences between humans and other animals is that we don't automatically become mature. Most wild animals, without having to think about it or make some special effort, attain the potential they're capable of.

Not so, with humans. We have to make special conscious and deliberate efforts to develop and increase our intelligence, our thinking skills, our creativity, our emotional control, our psychological well-being, our communication and social skills, our personal power, our health, etc.

One of my contentions is that most humans operate at a level of around 1% of their potential. Most of us never develop beyond this 1% level.

This is particularly evident when comparing the most capable people to everyone else. Some great teachers have advanced to the 10% level, or even beyond, but very few of their students or disciples have developed themselves beyond the 1% level.

In a world where the vast majority is at the 1% level, this is assumed to be "normal." Someone at the 2% level -- provided he or she conforms to most of what's assumed to be "normal" -- is regarded as a "genius." But practically nobody notices that anyone at the 1% or 2% level is really severely incomplete!

This may be a sad fact, difficult to confront. But recognizing it is a good start. It places us in that position from which we can start launching the concerted effort that's necessary to rise above the 1% level.

Over the past two decades, I've learned a little about how to communicate advanced information and to inspire at least a few individuals to make the special efforts necessary to rise above the "normal" 1% level.

Fortunately, the technology exists right now whereby practically any "normal" can develop himself or herself to maybe more than 50% in some respects. Many of these technologies have been pointed out in the Reports.

Whether you consider yourself to be a 1% person, or a 10% person, or a 50% or more person... there's a huge collection of material provided here, of which I'm certain that it will be of great benefit for everyone. There may be no upper limit of human potential!

Start Your Mind Trek Now!

by David T. Freeman

The conscious and deliberate efforts which someone makes to improve himself or herself, is a process which I've decided to call a Mind Trek.

Trek could be defined as: long and arduous journey. In the case of a Mind Trek, it is a virtual journey (or adventure!) of exploration, discovery, and enlightenment in one's own mind.

Whilst some may find their Mind Trek to be long and arduous, it need not be considered as such, because by reading and progressively applying the information provided here, you can vastly accelerate your Mind Trek -- and turn it into a highly enjoyable stroll.

Just Some of the Benefits of a Mind-Trek:

Start Your Mind Trek Now! (Refer to the Introduction for tips on where to start.) You never know where your potential future prosperity could lead!

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Personal Power Institutes

by Frederick Mann (edited & abridged by David T. Freeman)

This huge gap between the level of most people's current abilities and their potential abilities is also a huge opportunity gap. Enterprising individuals have the potential for making fortunes by creating Personal Power Institutes, where products and services are developed and provided which assist people to raise themselves above the 1% level -- or, if they're already at the 5% or 10% level, to raise themselves to the 50% level and beyond.

Such Institutes are particularly necessary for the people who find it difficult to read advanced materials and apply them to their lives without further assistance.

Though there are organizations that provide products and services related to intelligence, creativity, personal power, freedom, etc.; in my experience, the people themselves in these organizations tend to operate at the 2% to maybe 5% level. This means the field is wide open for those who operate at a level of 10% or higher.

We need thousands of Personal Power Institutes around the world. If you're interested in starting a Personal Power Institute, then send email to ppi@amug.org, to have your contact details listed with others of similar interests.


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