Notes About Deceptive All Capitals Names

by James Hazel

What follows is a letter to the (Oregon) State Registrar of Vital Statistics. It appears to be a request for a particular directive, issued by the State Registrar to the various county registrars who prepare birth certificates. Don't be fooled by the appearances. The real purpose of the letter is for use as a forum to expose a vital truth about how men, women and children are legally converted into mere things; HUMAN RESOURCES and raw materials for exploitation to profit a relatively few beneficiaries of a perverted government monopoly. Whether or not the State Registrar fills my request is not important. It won't change the facts revealed in the letter. (I seldom ask questions of a bureaucrat when I don't know the answers in advance)!

After the letter you will find reproductions of relevant parts of two different birth certificates: one issued in Ohio after the birth of my son, David, and the other issued in Oregon after the birth of my grandson, Andrew. They will help the reader visualize the fact that the "curious practice of mixing real names with fictitious names" is not unique to Oregon. As nearly as I can determine, it is practiced by preparers of birth certificates in all states. And it has been going on for at least 16 years - nationwide. Knowing that, you will also realize that the source of the command for such a "curious practice" is at the national, or even the international, level. The practice is systemic. [Editor; You can receive copies of the birth certificates from author James Hazel.]

One other thing that is not made perfectly clear in the following letter is the fact that the "names" of "artificial persons," such as corporations and "assumed business names," are written in all UPPERCASE letters. Since they are fictional or fictitious "things," they require fictitious names. Don't confuse a fictitious name with an alias (alias dictus).

"Alias" is when one is known by two or more different names. The term refers only to natural persons, not to artificial "persons." A natural person may be known by as many names as he chooses, for any lawful reason - or for no reason. For example: so long as he doesn't use different names with the intention to commit fraud, "James Smith" may lawfully also be known as "John Jones." An alias, being a name of a natural person, is always capitalized.

To the contrary, "a fictitious name is a counterfeit, feigned or pretended name taken by a person, differing in some particular from his true name, with the implication that it is meant to deceive and mislead" (Black's Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition).

A fictitious name may be assumed by a natural person. But the "name" of an artificial "person" is ALWAYS a fictitious name, and every attorney will acknowledge that the names of artificial "persons" are always fictitious names.

Real names are always capitalized, that is, the first letter of the name is capitalized, and the subsequent letters are written in lowercase. Fictitious names are generally written in all uppercase letters, so they can be distinguished from real names. It's common for typists to improperly write fictitious names in the same "style" as real names. Sometimes the error is driven by the writer's ignorance, but often it is motivated by an intent to deceive.

The real name of our friend, John Smith is written (you guessed it!) "John Smith." "JOHN SMITH" on the other hand, is a fictitious name by virtue of the fact that it doesn't conform to the rule of grammar which requires capitalization of names. Except for absence of capitalization, it is spelled like our friend's name, and it sounds the same when spoken orally. But it's not the name for John Smith. The "name" is fictitious in and of itself, since it is not a real name.

If John Smith were to examine the driver license in his wallet, and the Social Security card he holds, his old military I.D., and every card, check and statement related to his banking, he would discover that none of them are in his name. They all concern fictitious names!

If that doesn't alarm John - wait until he learns that his children and grandchildren: those natural, beautiful flesh, blood and spirit fruits of his loins - bear fictitious names of THINGS; or "artificial persons!"

James Hazel
P.O. Box 863
Mount Angel OR 97362

December 11, 1995

Edward Johnson II,
State Registrar of Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 14050
Portland OR 97214-0050

Re: Forms for entries of names on birth certificates: REQUEST FOR COPY OF DIRECTIVE

Dear Registrar Johnson:
It recently came to my attention, while examining the birth certificate issued pursuant to the birth of my grandson (copy enclosed for your reference) that the data entered in the box reserved for "CHILD-NAME" is inconsistent. The "First and Middle" given, Christian names are properly capitalized in conformance with the rule of English grammar which governs the writing of names; i.e. "Names are always capitalized." But under the section reserved for the "Last" name, "HAZEL," in all uppercase letters, is entered.

Obviously, "HAZEL" is not a name.

Names for natural persons are, of course, always capitalized; that is, the initial letter of the word/name stands distinctly higher than the subsequent letters. Typically, when expressed in type, the initial letter is taken from the uppercase and the subsequent letters are taken from the lowercase. The result is that there can be no ambiguity or confusion as to whether a word is a name/proper noun or a common word or common noun.

Artificial persons (which are actually contrived things that are endowed with a few of the legal powers and privileges of natural persons) are given fictitious names. It is fitting and appropriate that fictitious "persons," as legal fictions, should be given fictitious names to distinguish them from other fictional entities, and from natural persons.

A person may apply to the CORPORATION DIVISION of the office of the SECRETARY OF STATE, for the establishment and registration of an ASSUMED BUSINESS NAME. The purpose of such a name is, of course, to enter into activity for the intention of making a profit. The "name" that is then established and registered is a fictitious name; not a real name.

Since it does not conform with the rule of grammar which requires capitalization of names of persons, places and things, "HAZEL," as it appears on the birth certificate discussed herein - obviously intended to be assumed and taken as a family surname - is a fictitious name. Where the fictitious name (HAZEL) is entered into a box reserved for "CHILD-NAME," and mixed together in that box with the correctly-written given, Christian names for the child, the data in that box is inconsistent .

It would seem to logically follow that, where one-third of the "names" in a "name context" or box is fictitious, all of the "names," taken together, are fictitious - sort of by the same principle that "one rotten apple will spoil the barrel" or "guilt by association."

My concern is that, by some legal mechanism unknown to us, which has been executed against our interests without full disclosure to us, and without our knowledge and express or affirmative consent, we may have been converted into things, possibly to be used as merchandise for the profit or benefit of an unknown (to us) owner. If that is the case, it had to happen through our unknowing tacit consent. We would certainly never consider entering into such an arrangement voluntarily

I have examined birth certificates issued over the past 15 years in other state jurisdictions, and have found the form of entry of "names" to be identical with that used on the birth certificate herein under discussion.

I have talked with county registrars, who have advised me that they are required to use that form of entry under direction of the State Registrar. But none could or would provide me with a copy of such a directive. They referred me to your office for a copy of the directive.

Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 333-11-016(2)(h) provides that: Unless otherwise directed by the state Registrar, no certificate shall be complete and correct and acceptable for registration: that contains improper or inconsistent data; -

The Rule clearly provides that birth certificates may contain inconsistent data, such as inconsistent mixing of names with fictitious names, but only WHEN DIRECTED BY THE STATE REGISTRAR.

Please provide me with a copy of your directive authorizing the mixing of name-forms on birth certificates. If no such directive has issued from your office, please provide me with the application for correcting of false information which appears on a birth certificate.

Yours Truly,
James Hazel

Concluding Remarks
In his Revelation, Saint John labored to describe a Beast which enslaved Men, and devoured their souls. He exposed the nature and mentality of the Beast's servants and supporters, of those who - like attorneys - spoke for the Beast; and those who executed its commands, and those lukewarm quislings who gave it their moral support - even at the cost of their children's lives. But Saint John wrote in highly symbolic terms - farfetched from the normal experiences of men. His intent may have been to save individuals from their baser instincts, and raise them to higher levels of consciousness - or to do the same for humanity as a whole... OR BOTH. The result was a Book, which however influential and powerful, is esoteric. His general revelations are profound, but lack the concrete details we need to understand the schemes the Beast's servants use to manipulate and exploit innocent men, women and children, to understand sufficiently that we will be able to defend ourselves against the schemes.

The foregoing Letter to the Registrar is an attempt to layer some visible flesh onto the Saint John's etheric skeleton.

In his 13th Chapter, Saint John warned his posterity that another beast would ascend which would execute or nail down the supremacy of the original Beast which, for lack of an effective scheme, had so far been unable to convert all Men into virtually inanimate things, a conversion necessary to directly treat them as merchandise to be milked and traded in a commercial monopoly.

Saint John predicted that the latter, irresistible scheme would persuade all Men to believe (worship) the idea that their very lives depended on their ability to buy and sell; to get a piece of the action of the only game in town! They might sense that the deck was stacked, but the deceptive tricks of the magicians who dealt their hands - being consummate lawyers and symbolaeographers, and dedicated servants of the Beast - were almost impossible to catch. John revealed the governing "trick" - in general terms: In order to buy and sell (and therefore not be killed by poverty), all men must agree to do one of two things. They must not object to being marked or branded as the Beast is marked. The Beast, being fictitious and having no real existence in nature or reality - but existing only in the minds of gullible men - is marked or branded by Nature Itself to be a fictitious thing. Begin a fictitious thing, the beast is marked with a pretend name... a mark that looks like a name, but really isn't.

No beast can speak for itself, but only through lawyers and agents. The lawyers who administered the schemes of the second Beast, established the "law" which mandates that no natural person may buy or sell, or otherwise seek a profit, in his own Name. They define such activities as business; "Activity entered into with the intent of making a profit" - and require such persons to assume fictitious names for purposes related to business. IT IS THE FICTION which is the mark or brand Saint John warns against! It is the same NUMBER (measure) of what the Beast is; the precise level at which it resides in reality; it's status in relationship to every thing else - which is FICTIONAL. And in accordance with the Rule of English Grammar it is marked or represented, not by a capitalized name, but by a fictitious "name." Otherwise "natural persons" who wish to participate in the Beast-System (a worldwide commercial monopoly), and to buy the labor and souls of other men, while selling their own to the highest bidder must receive from the Beast (System), the privilege of using fictitious names.

Only the managers of the scheme are required to know how the system functions. It is they who dictate the policies that keep it running smoothly; who provide for necessary adjustments and refinements to make the system ever more irresistible. Who determine among themselves what the short-term and long-term objectives will be.

It is also incumbent on the pivotal lawyers - especially judges - to learn the deceptive principles which drive the system - so they will be able to suppress valid challenges to its supremacy.

But it is requisite that members of the common herd be imprisoned in abject ignorance, never doubting that they are "free and self-sovereign individuals" who are in full control of their lives and families, and who can speak freely on any subject they choose, and worship whatever God their consciences dictate.

And it is especially essential that the soldiers (policy-enforcement officers), who are required to suppress human activities which tend to undermine the monopoly business venture, be drawn from the least imaginative and sensitive humans. While they are chosen for their love of violence, and must exhibit physical bravery - only intellectual and spiritual cowards are eligible to become military, executorial, persons.

The "Latter Beast" appeared in embryonic form barely 100 years ago. Since its advent, it has matured into the monolithic form we "see" today. Despite dire predictions of "an impending collapse of society as we know it today," the Beast (System) will not implode into itself. It will not self-destruct. It will continue on its course; growing ever powerful and irresistible. UNLESS IT MEETS AN IMMOVABLE OBJECT THAT IS DETERMINED TO VAPORIZE IT BACK INTO THE NOTHINGNESS FROM WHICH IT CAME!

"The System" can be rocked on its axis if numerous real, live, flesh and blood people will act on relevant FACTS, instead of remaining paralyzed by delusions.

"The System" cannot totally prevail except by its "legal process" of affecting individuals by persuading them to let themselves be directly affected by it. People "volunteer" by assuming that the fictitious names, held out so temptingly to them, require them to assume responsibility for everything done in the fictitious names.

Before the fictitious name scheme became a universal syndrome, individuals could only be directly affected by due process of law which required a real, named person to accuse him of liability for an injury committed by the accused. The injury must have been committed in a particular NAMED venue; i.e. in a particular state and county. The controversy raised under oath by the accuser, would be tried and resolved in a particular NAMED court. The accusatory instrument was required to identify the natural person by his NAME. A typical accusatory instrument set out all the required names in its caption, like this:

In the Circuit Court of the State
of Oregon for Marion County
State of Oregon,        )
              vs.       ) Criminal Complaint
James Hazel             )

Now, under the "Latter Beast System," ALL NAMES in accusatory instruments are fictitious:

                VS.    ) CRIMINAL

In the final analysis, "government" can only affect you through an administrative or "judicial" accusation - demanding that you "appear" and "answer." Regardless of how many times in the past you have tacitly (albeit innocently and ignorantly) "acknowledged" a fictitious name, when you insist, your natural being can only be represented by a REAL CAPITALIZED NAME. Therefore, being addressed or even arrested by a fictitious name, which does not mark your natural being, there is nothing for you to answer. You simply say: "The accusation must be abated, it is void. My name is ("John Jones"; capital J, o, h, n; capital J, o, n, e, s ). The accused, 'JOHN JONES,' is not an alias; it is a fictitious name - and not mine."

"Answered" thus, numerous times in fictitious courts and agencies which pollute the Land - the Latter Beast will begin to tremble... as does an evil man when death approaches.

Appendix -More about Names
"My" birth certificate, issued in Montana in 1937, reserved a box for "Full name of child," with no mention of "first, middle or last names." The form required entry of both the father's and mother's "color or race," indicating the subject of the certificate was the birth of a natural being.

The birth certificate issued in Ohio in 1943, upon my wife's birth, reserved a box for "(CHILD) NAME," and provided spaces for "First," "Middle" and "Last." The form required entry of both the father's and mother's "COLOR OR RACE!"

The birth certificate issued in Ohio in 1980, upon the birth of my youngest son, reserves a box for: "CHILD-NAME," with spaces for "First," "Middle" and "Last." The form has no box or space for the "color" or "race" of either parent.

The birth certificate issued in Oregon in 1989, upon the birth of my grandson, reserves a box for "CHILD-NAME" with spaces for "First," "Middle" and "Last" - a form identical to that for "my son's" birth certificate; and like my son's, does not demand the color or race of the parents. There is nothing on "their" birth certificates to verify that the "CHILD-NAME(s)" entered on them, are the names for natural beings; born of parents having natural color or race.

Another "curious" difference between the forms: The forms for myself, my wife, and youngest son, each require entry of "THE MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAME," and are disinterested in the mother's current name. But the form for my grandson (1989), requires entry of the mother's (current) name; with a separate box for "MAIDEN SURNAME." His is the only certificate which mentions "surname."

The four foregoing examples demonstrate very disturbing changes in birth certificate forms implemented over several decades!

A person's "Christian (christened) or given name" is his primary name. The so-called "middle name" is superfluous for all legal purposes. A "surname" is generally assumed to be a family name or the "patronymic." By legal definition, "surname" means "The last name; the name common to all members of a family." But technically, "surname" means a name "which is excessive, extreme; or over, beyond or above the given (christened) name."

"Last" (regarding the Last Name entered on three of the foregoing birth certificates) means: "the only remaining part of a collection or sequence; most recent, latest; highest, greatest or utmost; most valid, authoritative or conclusive."

The case is prima facie! As far as "the states"' functionaries are concerned, "your" name stands for a fictional thing intended for use in commerce. And as a fiction created by a "state," it (and you) are presumed subject to all of the regulations for commerce; including regulation and taxation.

Let "the state" do what it wishes with the fictitious names it creates... until it equates one with YOU. Then, defend your real name, and your honor, and your self by every means at your command - as if your life and soul depends on it!