Practical Freedom Reports, Manuals, and Documents

(on Sovereignty, "Taxes", Trusts, etc.)



#LAW01: The Right Way ... L.A.W.
An introduction to The Right Way ... L.A.W. Why you need a basic legal education and why it's in your interest that others also educate themselves.

#17B: Secrets of the Social Security Number
"Social Security" and related problems and what you can do about them. Also useful for understanding the similar systems used in most other countries.

Tax Reports:

#16: Tax Education for Everyone
What you need to understand about taxes and government, and why you may want to reduce or eliminate the taxes you pay.

#16A: The Best Kept Secrets of the IRS
The IRS has many skeletons in its closet. The many important weaknesses of the IRS. Questions and answers.

#16B: Sample Correspondence to Beat the IRS
Why the IRS mostly goes after the "easy pickings." Real-life examples. A general government response letter.

#16C: U.S. Tax Abatement Services
Organizations that help you to "untax" yourself. What you need to understand about IRS "contracts".

#16D: The Most Powerful Income-Protection Ammo
Article by Mr. Ken Hunter on who is liable for U.S. Income Tax; and how to beat the IRS. Why a Sovereign Individual isn't and can't be "liable".

#16F: The Becraft Landmark Case
Analyses an important case won against the IRS. The devastating admissions made in court by the IRS demonstrate why you can beat them.

#16G: The Reliance Defense Method
How to use honest, good faith conclusions, based on expert legal advice, to defend your position that you have no obligation to pay income taxes.

#16H: How to Stop Employers From Withholding Income Taxes
Two articles by individuals who succesfully persuaded employers to stop taxing their incomes. Some alternative strategies.


The Asset Forfeiture Manual
The extent of illegal asset forfeiture in the USA. The procedures and forms to recover your property and prosecute government criminals.

Commercial Liens: A Most Potent Weapon
Introduction to commercial liens. How to use commercial liens to encumber the property of government criminals and destroy their credit records.


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