Melissa Grant provided many useful suggestions, did a great proofreading job, and provided general support of immeasurable value. A special thank you to the other individuals who made helpful suggestions and provided materials used in the text. The editorial writers of The Arizona Republic provided a wealth of facts and figures that, I believe, strengthen my arguments. And my thanks to all the authors who contributed so much to this report.


Included here are books I believe to be of the greatest practical value for understanding what is going on and what you can do about it.

Beckman, M.J. "Red": Do Unto The IRS As They Would Do Unto You (Common Sense Press, PO Box 1544, Billings, MT 59103; 1983). Brilliant set of letters for responding to the IRS. How to handle IRS audit. Jury nullification.

Bork, Robert H.: The Tempting of America: The Political Seduction of the Law (Simon & Schuster, NY; 1990). Supreme Court Justice Bork argues that the Constitution should be applied as our Founding Fathers intended it to be applied.

Boétie, Étienne de la: Discourse of Voluntary Servitude (Free Life Editions, 41 Union Square, NY, NY 10003; 1975 - first published in 1562). De la Boétie was a friend of the famous Montaigne. De la Boétie can be regarded as the "father of civil disobedience." He had a profound influence on Tolstoy, Gandhi, and other non-violent freedom-fighters. 430 years after its writing, his Discourse is still the most advanced political essay I know of.

Browne, Harry: How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World (Avon Books, NY; 1973). By far the best book on practical freedom I know of. Had a profound influence on my life. Has helped me live free in Africa, Europe, and America.

Davidson, James Dale: The Squeeze (Simon & Schuster, NY; 1980). The Chairman of the National Taxpayers Union writes:

A brilliant and insightful analysis of the U.S. economy.

Hansen, Congressman George: To Harass Our People: The IRS and Government Abuse of Power (Positive Publications, PO Box 23560, Washington, DC 20024; 1984). Thorough exposé of the IRS, its gross disrespect for the law, vicious atrocities, and assault on religion. Must reading for anyone who wants to understand the nature of government in general, and the IRS in particular.

Hapgood, David: The Screwing of the Average Man (Bantam Books, NY; 1974). A brilliant, detailed analysis of how we get screwed by government, bankers, stock- and insurance brokers, lawyers, and other professionals:

"The average man has of course always been a loser, at least since the invention of agriculture made it profitable for one person to exploit another... Sometime in the late sixties, the average man's domestic economy stalled... In 1974 a group of congressmen led by John McFall of California estimated that wealth was being transferred to the richest one fifth of the population from those below them at the rate of $10 billion a year... This divine right of hustlers flourished from the earliest days in America..."

Hazlitt, Henry: Economics in One Lesson (Arlington House, NY; 1979 - first published in 1946). The classic text on economics for the lay person. Read it and you will understand more than most professional economists with their "doctorates."

Larson, Martin A.: Tax Revolt: The Battle for the Constitution (Devin-Adair Publishers, 6 North Water Street, Greenwich, CT 06830; 1985). Advocates a return to the Constitution. Covers the IRS, its atrocities, and attacks against churches, constitutional money, freedom fighters, and methods of protecting yourself against the IRS.

MacPherson, Donald W.: Tax Fraud & Evasion: The War Stories (MacPherson & Sons Publishers, 3404 W. Cheryl Dr., A-250, Phoenix, AZ 85051). Superb book by a leading tax attorney. Must reading for anyone who wants to avoid or evade the IRS. Describes specific cases. Exposes IRS as a "paper tiger."

Mullins, Eustace: The Secrets of the Federal Reserve (Bankers Research Institute, PO Box 1105, Staunton, VA 24401; 1983). Extensively researched book on the background, history, and operation of the Federal Reserve System.

O'Rourke, P.J.: Parliament of Whores: A Lone Humorist Attempts to Explain the Entire U.S. Government (The Atlantic Monthly Press, 19 Union Square West, NY, NY 10003; 1991).

"The American political system is like a gigantic Mexican Christmas fiesta. Each political party is a huge piñata - a papier-mâché donkey, for example. The donkey is filled with full employment, low interest rates, affordable housing, comprehensive medical benefits, a balanced budget and other goodies. The American voter is blindfolded and given a stick. The voter then swings the stick wildly in every direction, trying to hit a political candidate on the head and knock some sense into the silly bastard."

Paine, Thomas: Common Sense (Penguin Books, England; 1976 - editor: Isaac Kramnick- first published in 1776). A major influence at the time of the American revolution.

Paine, Thomas: Rights of Man (Penguin Books, England; 1976 - editor: Henry Collins- first published in 1791). Many important ideas. Banned in England as "seditious libel" in 1793.

Rand, Ayn: Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal (New American Library, NJ; 1967). An immigrant from Russia explains capitalism to Americans. Includes three articles by Alan Greenspan: "Antitrust," "Gold and Economic Freedom," and "The Assault on Integrity." He must have had a lobotomy or extreme electro-shock treatment in order to become Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

Ringer, Robert J.: How You Can Find Happiness During the Collapse of Western Civilization (Harper & Row, NY; 1983). Explains why the gradual collapse of Western civilization continues day by day. Why hyperinflation and complete destruction of the U.S. dollar and financial system are inevitable. How to survive it all.

Ringer, Robert J.: Looking Out For #1 (Fawcett Crest Books, NY; 1977).

"Dedicated to the hope that somewhere in our universe there exists a civilization whose inhabitants possess sole dominion over their own lives, where every individual has the ability to recognize and the courage to acknowledge reality, and where governments as we know them do not exist."
"Looking out for Number One is the conscious, rational effort to spend as much time as possible doing those things which bring you the greatest amount of pleasure and less time on those which cause pain. Everyone automatically makes the effort to be happy, so the key word is "rational.""

Ringer, Robert J.: Restoring the American Dream (Harper & Row, NY; 1979). Important guide to understanding government and freedom. Chapter called "Keeping It All in Place" provides one of the most important keys to the ability of governments to maintain their destructive power.

Ringer, Robert J.: Winning Through Intimidation (Circus/Futura, London; 1978 - first published in 1973). A very important book for learning the principles, mechanics, and dynamics of intimidation. "...[T]he results a person obtains are inversely proportionate to the degree to which he is intimidated." The reason it is vital to understand intimidation is to make it more difficult for people (like the IRS) to screw you or to rape you economically.

Rothbard, Murray N.: For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto (Collier/Macmillan, NY; 1978). Libertarianism is a synonym for capitalism or free enterprise. A well-written explanation of libertarianism in theory, history, and practice. Had a profound influence on my own thinking. Says Rothbard:

"The libertarian creed rests upon one central axiom: that no man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of anyone else. This may be called the "nonaggression axiom." "Aggression" is defined as the initiation of the use or threat of physical violence against the person or property of anyone else. Aggression is therefore synonymous with invasion."

Rothschild, Michael: Bionomics: The Inevitability of Capitalism (Henry Holt, NY; 1990). A brilliant integration of biology and economics. Explains from a biological viewpoint, why coercive (government) interference with the free market can only make things worse. Rothschild says:

"Capitalism, or the market economy, or the free-enterprise system... was not planned. Like life on earth, it did not need to be. Capitalism just happened, and it will keep on happening. Quite spontaneously. Capitalism flourishes whenever it is not suppressed, because it is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It is the way human society organizes itself for survival in a world of limited resources."

Saussy, F. Tupper: The Miracle on Main Street: Saving Yourself and America From Financial Ruin (Spencer Judd, Publishers, Sewanee, TN 37375; 1980). Excellent treatment of lawful money and inflation. Suggests a strategy and tactics for using the money issue to thwart government.

Schiff, Irwin A.: The Biggest Con: How The Government Is Fleecing You (Freedom Books, 60 Skiff Street #300, Hamden, CT 06517; 1977). Schiff quotes President Gerald Ford's speech before a Joint Session of Congress on October 8, 1974: "Inflation, our public enemy no. 1, will, unless whipped, destroy our country, our liberty, our property... as surely as any well armed wartime enemy." Schiff says, "Since it is our own government that causes that inflation - our own government is that enemy. With irrefutable facts and figures, Schiff shows that the federal government:

Schiff, Irwin A.: How Anyone Can Stop Paying Income Taxes (Freedom Books, PO Box 5303, Hamden, CT 06518; 1982). An essential element of your "Freedom Library." How the IRS brainwashes people into believing that they have to file tax returns and pay income tax. Why individuals need not submit to IRS audits. The author's tax trials.

Skinner, Otto: The Best Kept Secret: "Taxpayer" v. Nontaxpayer (Otto U. Skinner, PO Box 6609, San Pedro, CA 90734; 1986). "The exercise of a natural right is not taxable. A state may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right granted by, or secured by, the U.S. Constitution." Comprehensive analysis of who is a "taxpayer" and who is not, direct and indirect taxes, how to file W-4 exempt, Social Security, and the "Sanocki Case" (dismissal of income tax charges).

Skinner, Otto: If You Are The Defendant - Supplement to The Best Kept Secret: "Taxpayer" v. Nontaxpayer (Otto U. Skinner, PO Box 6609, San Pedro, CA 90734; 1986). Thorough analysis of court procedures in IRS cases, the IRS Code, and a range of arguments for not filing returns and paying taxes.

Spence, Gerry: With Justice for None: Destroying an American Myth (Penguin Books, NY; 1989). Comprehensive exposé of the American system of injustice. The corruption of the law.

Spooner, Lysander: An Essay on the Trial by Jury (Da Capo Press, 27 West 17th Street, NY, NY 10011; 1971 - first published in 1852). Traces the principles and history of trial by jury back to the Magna Carta, by one of the greatest attorneys of all time. (He also started his own private post office, later "outlawed" by the "federal mafia." Spooner was known as the "father of cheap postage.")

Spooner, Lysander: The Constitution of No Authority (Ralph Myles Publisher, PO Box 1533, Colorado Springs, CO 80901; 1973 - first published in 1870). Convincing arguments by a brilliant attorney that the so-called "U.S. Constitution" never had nor now has any legal validity. All those pretending to act under the "authority" of the supposed "constitution" are impostors and usurpers. Had a profound influence on my thinking.

Stang, Alan: Taxscam: How the IRS Swindles You and What You Can Do About It ( Mount Sinai Press, PO Box 1220, Alta Loma, CA 91701; 1988). Exceptionally well researched book on a wide range of issues concerning the IRS. Essential reading for understanding the illegality of the IRS and everything it does.

Wills, Garry: Inventing America: Jefferson's Declaration of Independence (Random House, NY; 1970). Exhaustive analysis of the ideas behind the Declaration of Independence, particularly Jefferson's ideas. Scholarly.



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