#03: How to Improve Your Information
General methods for improving your information. How to recognise the potentially most valuable information. Common Traps to avoid.

How You Are Being Economically Raped: What You Can Do About It
An in-depth demonstration of the many ways in which people are being economically raped. Essential reading.

#01: Introductory Freedom Guide
Freedom Technology - How you can enjoy all the benefits of freedom right now! Many essential freedom principles and comparisons.

Coercion, Education, Obedience, and Government
The many critical things which you need to understand about these topics.

#10: How To Achieve and Increase Personal Power
The many things you need to understand about personal power. Does Power Corrupt? How To Increase Your Consciousness.

#04: How to Find Out Who You Are
What you need to understand about disobedience and sovereignty. Are you a free sovereign individual or a slave?

#05: How to Discover Your Freedom
What you need to know to discover your freedom. The elements that describe a Free Sovereign Individual. How to seize your freedom.

#05A: The Nature of Freedom
Important definitions of freedom and their consequences. The Self-Liberation Strategy. Aspects of freedom not usually considered.

#05B: Freedom Steps
How to recognise where you are in respect of freedom, and what to do next to further expand your freedom.

#09: How to Achieve Superhealth
You can be vastly healthier than you ever dreamed possible. The principles and practice of superhealth. Directory of organizations and books.

#09A: AIDS - Bad Science or Hoax?
Believe it or not, the commonly-touted stories about AIDS are both bad science and a hoax. The nature and consequences of this big lie.

#11: How to Increase Your Intelligence
Important definitions and aspects of intelligence. How focusing on results increases your intelligence.

#12: How to Achieve Emotional Control
Describes some of the most powerful ways to gain control over your emotions. What you need to understand about your mind and your brain.

#15: How to Achieve Ultimate Success
This report deals, not with the reasonably well-known success principles, but with more powerful underlying success principles.

#07A: The Anatomy of Slavespeak
The extent to which people are manipulated by words. Overcoming Slavespeak is critical to freeing yourself and improving your thinking skills.

#07C: Wenger Debate
To solve the problem of "government", you need to grasp the important arguments and vital thinking skills identified in this report.

#50A: Semantic Rigidity, Flexibility, and Freedom
Why semantics is so important. Common semantic/thinking errors, their consequences, and how to overcome them. Are there "laws"?

#50C: Bought-Into-The-System
How the degree to which you buy into political systems (through behaviour, beliefs and concepts) relate to the freedom strategies you apply.

#07E: NSPIC Debate
99.999...% of humans hallucinate volitional entities they call "governments" which can make "laws" and do things that humans can't do.

#17A: Dismantling the U.S. Federal Reserve System
Why the U.S. Federal Reserve System is unconstitutional, illegal, and criminal. The Free Enterprise alternatives.

#18: Why You Need Gold, Silver, and Alternative Banking
The probable collapse of government currencies. How to buy and sell gold and silver. The critical need for alternative free enterprise systems.

#30A: The Power in The Details
How to organize the details of a project or business in order to succeed. Organizational design principles and how to apply them.

#30B: The Missing Function
The "missing function" principle. How to find the crucial missing functions you have to perform to succeed.

#80A: Creativity Report #1: Levels of Creation
How to recognize and handle levels of creation: helplessness, confusion, self-deception, unreality, and non-existence.


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