This report is dedicated to Mr. T.C. Fry, who first persuaded me to question the "HIV causes AIDS" hypothesis through his book The Great AIDS Hoax. Mr. Fry is a giant in spreading the principles and practices of superhealth and individual freedom. He is best known as a mentor of Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, the authors of the best-selling book Fit for Life.

Mr. Fry has been an inspiration to me, especially as a successful disseminator of the most useful information - which almost by definition deviates from "conventional wisdom" to the most extreme degree. A characteristic of the most useful information tends to be that it differs most from what is commonly believed. Of course, the most important characteristic of useful information is that its application produces superior results. Because the most useful information is so different from what is commonly believed, it also tends to be the most difficult information to communicate successfully. Mr. Fry has demonstrated how to do it. As a result of his success, there are thousands of people all over America, and quite a few in the rest of the world, who enjoy superior health and greater freedom.

Mr. T.C. Fry is a bright beacon in a sometimes dim world. For free details on his products and services write to American Health Sciences Institute, 1108 Regal Row, Manchaca, TX 78652-0609.

One purpose of this report is to shine a light on AIDS, to persuade you to think differently about AIDS. Another purpose is to persuade you that the drug AZT is deadly and to reduce the number of people being killed by AZT. A further purpose is to persuade you to reduce - or even eliminate - drugs ("legal" and "illegal") from your life, thereby improving your health, possibly extending your life. If you want to become superhealthy, I recommend Report #09: How to Achieve Superhealth.

If you are one of my "favorite friends" - people committed to the growth of personal freedom - I would like for you to see that the AIDS hoax is a tremendous blessing in disguise. It is a formidable weapon we can use to expose government and to reduce the power of the corrupt bureaucrats (political and medical) who trample on our freedoms, and take our lives with bogus "medicines" like AZT. You may be able to see that the AIDS hoax is just a microcosm of government as a whole.

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